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Ollie Home Care Box

Sale price$49.90

Dirt and grime getting on your nerves? Our Home Care Box is the perfect solution for your home!

Our dish soap 500ml contains pure bergamot and lemon myrtle essential oils, leaving only the smell of juicy citrus and sparkling kitchenware.

Green clean 500ml is a multi-surface cleaner that is a non-toxic, pure plant based formula that will leave your home smelling earthy and lush.

The Ants Off spray 250ml made with essential oils is safe to use on utensils and all surfaces that is at once 100% natural and an eco-friendly alternative to commercial pesticides.

Our Hand Wash 360ml contains grapefruit and patchouli essential oils that has anti-aging and anti-bacterial properties that leaves a zesty scent after usage.

This set comes packed in a lovely white box, making it a great gifting option as well.

Ollie Home Care Box | Cleaning supplies | The Green Collective SG
Ollie Home Care Box Sale price$49.90