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Petale Tea Roman Holidays

Sale price$155.00

Roman Holidays is a well-balanced gift set that combines wellness, convenience, beauty, and variety in the world of tea. It's an ideal choice for adding a touch of elegance and luxury to holiday celebrations.

  • Wellness Pack (30g): The wellness pack is a thoughtful addition, offering a 30g blend of wellness tea. This can be perfect for promoting relaxation and well-being during the holiday season, adding a touch of serenity to the festivities.

  • Infuser: The included infuser is a practical tool for brewing loose leaf tea. It ensures that the recipient can enjoy the loose teas provided in the set with ease, making the tea-drinking experience convenient and enjoyable.

  • Classic Teal Bag Assorted Blooming Tea (12 Teaballs): The inclusion of 12 Teaballs in a classic bag is a delightful choice. Blooming teas add an element of beauty and surprise to the tea experience. As they unfurl during steeping, they create a captivating visual display and aromatic experience that's perfect for the holiday season.

  • Azure & Florets Assorted Blooming Tea: Another 4 teaballs adds diversity and artistry to the gift set. These blooming teas not only taste wonderful but also create a stunning display, making them a fitting choice for holiday celebrations.

  • 2 Ohayo Tins of Loose Tea: The two Ohayo tins of loose tea provide variety and an opportunity for the recipient to explore different tea blends. These tins are perfect for those who enjoy customizing their tea-drinking experience.