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Petale Tea Winter Splendor

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Overall, the Winter Splendor Premium Gift Box is a comprehensive gift set for tea enthusiasts, perfect for the holiday season. It offers the tools and variety of teas needed for a warm and delightful tea experience during the winter festivities.

Buckingham Teapot (800ml): This teapot has an 800ml capacity, making it ideal for brewing and serving tea. Indeed a touch of elegance and luxury.

4 Mini Cups (80ml each): These mini cups, each with an 80ml capacity, are intended for serving tea. Always have enough cups for a small gathering, which is perfect for sharing tea with family and friends during the holiday season.

2 Assorted Petite Aqua Bag (12 Teaballs): These bags contain a total of 12 teaballs, which are spherical blooming tea balls with various tea flavors.
Beast & Rose (Japanese Melon)
Candy’s Ichigo (Choco Strawberry)
Luk’s Afternoon Tea (Earl Grey)
Lady Rosa (Lychee Rose)
Muscat Gala (Muscat Apple)
Peachy Baby (Mango Peach)

2 Ohayo Tins: The Ohayo tins contain loose tea leaves, each 30g.

Tea Infuser: The tea infuser is a great tool for steeping loose tea leaves in the teapot or cups. It's a practical addition to the set for preparing the loose tea from the Ohayo tins.