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The Eco-Statement

Recycled Newspaper Bowl

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    Recycled Newspaper Bowl Recycled Newspaper Bowl Recycled Newspaper Bowl Recycled Newspaper Bowl Recycled Newspaper Bowl

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    • Repurposed from Newspaper
    • Durable
    • Lightweight
    • Sturdy

    These decorative yet practical bowls are made from recycled newspaper by women artisans in Sri Lanka. Sturdy yet light, it is ideal for storing and sorting anything and everything or simply as decorative pieces that will complement your place. Make a "green" choice by using these attractive bowls to organize cords, papers, socks, toys, spices, candles, cutlery, fruits, bread, onions, potatoes, garlic & more. 

    Care: The bowls are waterproof. However, they should not be immersed in water/liquid. They can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, ensure that the bowl is dried thoroughly after wiping.

    Dimension: Round: Small - 16 cm dia, ht 5.5 cm, Medium: 20 cm dia, 7 cm ht, Large - 27.5 cm dia, ht 10 cm; Square: Small - 16.5 cm width, height 6.5 cm, Medium - Width 22 cm, height 8 cm, Large width 26 cm, height 9 cm
    Material: Upcycled from old newspapers/magazines & sealed with a natural sealant, Eco-Friendly, Chemical-Free