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Urban Composter Strainer

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The urban composter strainer is an eco-friendly device made of recycled plastic, designed to separate compost from larger non-compostable materials. It is particularly useful for those living in urban areas with limited space for composting.

The strainer consists of a container made of durable recycled plastic, featuring small holes at the bottom and a larger mesh or screen on top. The compost is placed on top of the mesh, and any larger materials that have not decomposed yet are captured in the strainer. The composted material can be quickly removed from the bottom of the container, leaving behind the non-compostable materials.

Using the urban composter strainer helps create high-quality compost while reducing landfill waste. It is perfect for urban dwellers with small spaces like balconies or patios. The device is easy to use and maintain, making it an excellent addition to any composting routine. Choose the eco-friendly option and contribute to a sustainable environment with the urban composter strainer made of recycled plastic.

-Care: rinse and clean regularly to avoid clogging
UrbanComposter Strainer | Purchase at The Green Collective
Urban Composter Strainer Sale price$6.00