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Sun Yoga Mat Superlite 2mm 68in, Graphite

Sale price$148.00

The Rumi Sun Superlite is a beautiful yoga mat sustainably made from a blend of 100% natural rubber and cotton. This foldable version offers the same grip and durability as the regular mat; place it over your yoga studio mat for better hygiene, as well as to give you more padding. It absorbs sweat so there isn't 'pooling' and is easy to clean. The superlite will biodegrade back into the earth at the end of its life span, leaving no trace or chemical.


24" x 68" (61cm x 173cm)




Reduced carbon footprint through manufacturing where raw materials are sourced. Close supervision of the process ensures that people and resources are ethically managed. All Rumi products will break down without harming our planet. 

Liforme Imperial College London study of Yoga Mat:

Lies flat, no curled edges. Cotton mesh surface absorbs your sweat (without pooling), whilst giving grip. Light and portable.

Care Instructions:

A simple DIY solution of vinegar & water, in 1:20 ratio. Or check out the Jade natural Yoga Mat Wash:

Our Take:

The Superlite yoga mat is a beautiful mat designed thoughtfully from beginning to end. The absorbent surface removes the need for a distracting towel and the pastel colours soothe the senses.

Named after the world-renowned Rumi 13th century poet. Rumi Earth is poetry in motion, made for you to totally focus on your practice. This wide mat offers more room to play.

Mat Superlite Graphite by Rumi Earth | Get it at The Green Collective
Sun Yoga Mat Superlite 2mm 68in, Graphite Sale price$148.00