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SureCan! Soap Bar Starter Kit - Sage Green

Sale price$35.00

This starter kit is designed to encourage more people to try out and adopt one of the easiest zero waste swap - from liquid shower detergent to bar soap, by helping new and lapsed users overcome their misconceptions and reservations around this new lifestyle, through their own experience.

The perfect gift to help your organisation, community, friends and perhaps yourself successfully adopt bar soaps as a zero waste swap.

This kit contains the top selling soap bar from our Eczema Friendly collection - Lavender Oatmeal and an Avant Garde soap dish (choice of Sage Green / Desert Rose). 

Lavender Oatmeal, a cold process bar that retains naturally formed glycerin topped with avocado oil, organic oats and Lavender essential oil defies the myth that soap bars are drying for the skin. On the contrary, this bar soothes even sensitive skin and leaves our skin smooth and supple after use.

The Avant Garde on the other hand is a dream soap dish design that has wooed back many lapsed bar soap users and helped countless new users successfully adopt the zero waste swap. Its thoughtful design made in high performance silicone enables optimum drainage, and ensures the soap bar doesn't get stuck onto the dish allowing every bar to deliver more showers. Cleaning of the dish after every bar is used up is effortless making this new sustainable habit a joy

The kit is housed in a burger box made of rescued Sugarcane Pulp which is a waste by-product from the sugar refining industry. This choice is synonymous with our default #soapsinmilkcartons packaging meant not only to be low waste but also to stop people in their tracks, so they hopefully gain more awareness about our climate issues.

Pertinent information about the kit are printed on the outer sleeve to reduce the need for an elaborate product insert.


My Naked Bar SureCan! Sage Green | Buy at The Green Collective
SureCan! Soap Bar Starter Kit - Sage Green Sale price$35.00