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Tandoori Curry Crunchy Vegetables

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Description: Slimy, gooey… these words come to mind when okras, more commonly known as “lady’s fingers”, are mentioned. However, this lowly, much disliked plant is highly regarded among nutritionist and dieticians. Quite literally, this incredible vegetable is multivitamin in a natural pod.

Okras contain an abundance of antioxidants and vitamins and is specifically high in both vitamin K and vitamin C. Just 100 grams of okras provides 44% and 36% of your daily intake respectively. It is also rich in folates essential for the absorption of B-complex vitamin, which it too contains.

Packed in together, are many essential minerals such as magnesium, calcium and manganese of which forty three percent of the recommended average daily intake the okra provides.

To top it all off, the high levels of mucilage that gives the okra its slimy properties, coupled with dense amounts of soluble and insoluble fiber not only promotes the absorption of the rich nutrients within the okra but also protects gastrointestinal health by binding toxins and easing the digestive process.

Ingredients: Vegetables, lemongrass and exotic spices.

Confetti Tandoori Curry Vegetable | Buy at The Green Collective
Tandoori Curry Crunchy Vegetables Sale price$7.50