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Suiinaturals Subzero Lip balm

Sale price$14.80

Suiinaturals's lip balm offers immediate relief to dry chapped lips.

A must have if you sleep in an air-conditioned room.

Tropics balm and Subzero lip balm are made with the same ingredients.

Subzero lip balm contains more argan oil and is more moisturising than tropics balm.

Tropics balm gives more comfort to mouth feel in Singapore's hot and humid weather.

Choose subzero lip balm if you have dry chapped lips in Singapore's weather.

Subzero lip balm was formulated for winter climate and is designed to provide moisture comfort in subzero temperature weather.

 It can also be used in tropical climate.

Suiinaturals's lipstick are based on these lip balm formula.

There are no colors in these lip balms.

Safe for kids.

Comes in 3.3 gram bamboo tube.

Suiinaturals Subzero Lip balm
Suiinaturals Subzero Lip balm Sale price$14.80