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Petale Tea A Claus for Celebration

Sale price$110.00

The "A Claus for Celebration" gift set is a complete tea experience package, providing a teapot for brewing, cups for sipping, and the artistic beauty of blooming teaballs. It's perfect for celebrating special occasions, whether it's a holiday, a milestone, or simply sharing moments of joy with friends and family.

  • Buckingham Teapot (800ml): The Buckingham Teapot is a classic and elegant choice for brewing tea. With a generous 800ml capacity, it's suitable for serving multiple cups of tea, making it perfect for sharing special moments with loved ones. The design and size of the teapot exude sophistication and class, making it a fitting choice for celebrations.
  • Mini Cups (80ml each): The inclusion of two mini cups is a thoughtful addition, allowing the tea drinkers to enjoy their tea in style. These cups are perfectly sized for sipping and savoring the tea brewed in the Buckingham Teapot. The matching cups add a sense of unity to the tea experience.

  • Azure & Florets  (4 Teaballs): The Azure Teaballs bring a touch of artistry to the tea service. They not only offer a delicious tea but also a captivating visual display as they unfurl during steeping. This adds an element of surprise and delight to the tea-drinking experience, making it truly special.

Petale Tea A Claus for Celebration
Petale Tea A Claus for Celebration Sale price$110.00