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Anti-Inflammatory Cream

Sale price$75.00

This is a gentle but powerful anti-inflammatory cream.

It is formulated with 4 powerful Anti-inflammatory ingredients from Nature -

Organic Tumeric Hydrosol

Tamanu Oil

Mangosteen Extract

Lavender Essential oil

Driven by the healing nature of tamanu oil in eczema skincare range and also anecedotal evidence of tamanu oil in healing acne prone skin, this gentle cream is made of 4 powerful actives that you can use AM/PM any time you need.

Recommended for chronic cystic acne or inflamed skin conditions due to eczema or others. TTM cream will help reduce redness and skin inflammation over time. 

If you have acute skin inflammation, please see medical advice first.

Comes in 60ml glass lotion bottle.

Zeromultiple Anti-Inflammatory Cream | Buy at The Green Collective
Anti-Inflammatory Cream Sale price$75.00