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Empower/Rose Geranium Candle

Sale price$34.00

Recharge your fatigued thoughts and connect with your inner power as you usher in a day of optimism and hope.

200g: 50+ hour burn time. Made from a luxurious wax blend that contains coconut wax and rice bran wax.

Rose geranium is herbaceous and earthy, with a characteristic warm floral note and citric overtones that serve to calm the heart and soothe the nerves. As you surround yourself with assurance, you will experience increased sensations of calm and confidence to pursue your dreams.

A sustainable and clean-burning alternative to paraffin wax candles.

Crafted from natural essential oils and premium-quality wax to not only fill your space with toxin-free calming aroma but also to be a self-care ritual.

Empower/Rose Geranium Candle
Empower/Rose Geranium Candle Sale price$34.00