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Here Comes the Sun 50mL

Sale price$19.80

Usher in a day of positivity and delight with this uplifting, citrusy aroma that's clean, fresh, and energising. You know you’re already off to a good start with these scents in the room!

Essential oils in the spray: 

  • Top notes: Bergamot, Lime
  • Middle Notes: Litsea, Fir
  • Base Notes: Cedarwood, Green Tea

 Volume: 100ml.

Ingredients: Essential Oils, Perfumer’s Alcohol

Perfect as a perfume, room spray, pillow mist, or yoga mat spray.
Say “hello” to a beautiful morning, darling! Here Comes the Sun Essential Oil Spray from Innerfyre is all you need to brighten the day. The uplifting scent from this blend can carry you through as you go about all your everyday tasks.  

Litsea Essential Oil:

Clean, fresh, citrusy and sweet, the litsea essential oil makes you think of herbs and lemons. Among the litsea essential oil emotional benefits are its abilities to lift and soothe emotions. It’s also known to work wonders for the skin, as well as for its benefits to the digestive, immune and nervous systems. 

Bergamot Essential Oil: 

With a  sweet, lively, citrusy and fruity smell, the refreshing scent of the bergamot essential oil can brighten anyone’s day. Among the many bergamot essential oil benefits are its uplifting properties — helping to relieve anxiety, depression, stress and tension. It has also been known to be especially helpful to our digestive system.  

Lime Essential Oil: 

As refreshing as cool lime water on a bright summer’s day, the smell of lime essential oil is sweet, tart, intense and lively. This stimulating and energising fragrance is the perfect complement to bright and sunshine-filled mornings.