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I AM LOVED Candle: Jasmine, Lily, Vanilla

Sale price$40.00

Feel the warmth of a loving embrace as you breathe in the delicate and exotic florals. Romantic and luxurious, this richly scented candle makes you feel loved and ready to spread that love to everyone around you.

Infused with rose quartz to further promote feelings of love, friendship, deep inner healing and peace.

Note Profile:

  • Top: Lily
  • Middle: Jasmine
  • Base: Vanilla

200g: 55+ hour burn time. Made from a luxurious wax blend that contains coconut wax and rice bran wax.
Embrace the inner knowing that you are worthy as you breathe in the delicate and exotic florals of the I AM LOVED Affirmation Crystal Candle. Romantic and luxurious, the fragrances connect to that loving being that has always been with you all along. This richly scented candle makes you feel loved and ready to spread that love to everyone around you, including yourself.

A sustainable and clean-burning alternative to paraffin wax candles.

Made with essential oils and premium-quality wax to not only fill your space with toxin-free calming aroma but also to be a self-care ritual. 

Jasmine Essential Oil:

With the powerful, floral with fruity-herbaceous undertones of the jasmine plant, the jasmine essential oil is very uplifting to the emotions. The smell of the jasmine flower also produces a feeling of confidence — it increases one’s perception of their own attractiveness.  

 Lily Essential Oil:

The lily flowers' rich, warm, heady floral, yet subtle aroma provides a distinct character to this candle — reminiscent of receiving a lily bouquet surprise. The lily essential oil is known for eliciting feelings of joy and boosting emotional and mental spirits. It also can also evoke positive feelings of self-confidence, tranquillity, and calmness. 

Vanilla Essential Oil: 

The vanilla essential oil has a luxuriously rich, slightly sweet aroma — creating a comforting, welcoming atmosphere like the vanilla plant when your candle is lighted. The smell of vanilla oil likewise evokes pleasant memories with its nostalgic aroma— like baked cookies in mother’s kitchen.