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Wasabi Skin Sanitiser 30ml

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Our natural skin sanitiser is based on wasabi extract!  It is an effective anti bacterial and anti-viral active ingredient.

Lab tested and effective against

  • Staph. A (Staphylococcus aureus) Bacteria
  • E. Coli Bacteria
  • A. Niger Bacteria
  • Influenza A Virus ( Same family as H1N1)

With added Broccoli extract that is effective against

  • H. Plyori bacteria

Wasabi extract used in this product is equivalent to 65% ethanol in killing of the above bacteria strains.

Especially crucial for eczema skin management
If you have dry flaky eczema skin, your skin barrier is broken and this means bacteria and germs is going to attack your skin.
For eczema skin especially  if it is dry, flaking and with skin fissures, sanitise with our wasabi sanitiser after showering. Let sanitiser absorb unto skin and apply an oil moisturiser.
Contains hyaluronic acid for increased moisture comfort.
And don't worry! Its will not sting! It is an extract.

Good for skin warts, pus/infected pimples or any skin areas that require sanitisation. 

Avoid eye areas.

Alcohol Free.

Wasabi Skin Sanitiser 30ml
Wasabi Skin Sanitiser 30ml Sale price$14.90