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OASIS X Aquajellie Refillable Nail Polish

Dual Coat
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    Available now in a palette of 13 shades, exclusive to OASIS. 

    Dual Coat: Apply as a base to smoothen out your nail bed before applying our colours, or apply as a top coat to add an additional layer of protection! We have tested it and this top coat also makes the peeling way easier!

    Equipped with a soft brush, the applicator is ergonomically designed to hug the shape of the nail, allowing for fewer strokes and a flawless manicure. 

    Bring your bottle back for a refill at $1 off!


    For colours: Apply the polish onto your clean and dry nails in smooth strokes and seal the tip of your nail after each application.

    Repeat for about 3 coats to ensure that the polish is thick enough to peel off when you want to! The thicker the coat, the easier the peel! 🍌

    For Dual Coat: Apply one layer over naked nails as a base, and follow with one more layer after application of your chosen colour. 

    Air dries completely in 10 minutes.

    About Aquajellie

    Born in Singapore, the makers behind this clean beauty brand sought to create a clean and safe nail polish brand. They believe in being "9-free", which symbolises the 9 toxic ingredients that are commonly found in commercial nail polishes, such as solvents like ethyl acetate and butyl acetate. They make all the colours in their studio in Singapore. 

    Discover the brand here


    Polyurethane-1, Stearalkonium Bentonite, Propylene Glycol, Hyaluronic acid, Colour

    Read more about the ingredients here